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Cops Corral Horse In Old Forge

OLD FORGE — A horse is a horse, of course, of course.

“We were dispatched by the Lackawanna County Communications Center for a horse on the Reading and Northern Railroad tracks on South Main Street,” said Old Forge patrolman David Kimble.

Really? A horse on railroad tracks?

“We arrived on scene and found a brown stallion that was wandering in the middle of the tracks,” said Kimble.

Neighbors spotted this brown beauty on the tracks in Old Forge just after 8am.

“We found him here on the railroad tracks behind the bakery, and there’s a little pasture back here that nobody even the police never knew about that existed back here,” said Bob Bejeski.

It took a bit of time for police to locate the horse’s owner, and the horse, himself, wasn’t much help.

“No, you don’t want to do an interview? We get that a lot.”

But police found the owner, who told them the horse’s name is Yonder.

Zoning officers tell us that back there the owner used to have goats and a pony. Now it’s just Yonder and a few chickens. Just another couple of animals to add to the long list of animals spotted here in old forge.

“A bear, not too many bear, I seen one and then goats.”

“We’ve dealt with bears and deer and last year, there was a peacock but this is the first time we had a horse,” said Kimble.

“A lot of skunks and raccoons of course, but not a horse.”

While there are no zoning ordinances for horses in Old Forge, police say yonder has been grandfathered in. So even though Yonder wandered over yonder, it’s okay and perfectly legal.

“Our main concern was for the safety of the animal, to make sure the animal was safe and was not injured and was property cared for, and it appears that he is,” said Kimble.

As long as the owner remembers to hold his horses.


    • Dominic

      I live on South Main Street, and there are three roosters that hung out pretty much all summer. I have not seen them yet this year. They were extremely friendly. I like to sit on my back porch and read, and all three of them climbed up the 3 steps to visit. They obviously like people, and are very tame. They didn’t bother me one bit. They just hung out while I read for like 20 minutes.

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