Two Dead After Cycle Wreck

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MONTGOMERY — Two people are dead after a motorcycle crash in Lycoming County.

The coroner says Sheldon Charles, 34, of Muncy and Jennifer Miller, 35, of Montgomery, were riding around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on Route 405 when the motorcycle went off the road.

The coroner in Lycoming County believes Charles may have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.


  • lee

    I would want to be on a bike on a road with those two anti bikers. I think they would intentionally cause a biker to go down

  • Mistydawn Mower

    y is there so much hate on this.. u have 2 people who lost lives.. u have 2 families who just lost loved ones y dont u show some respect for the families n send prayers n love to them.. karma is a b****.. n when she bites she is gonna bite hard.. im sure if this was one of ur family members ur not gonna want to read all the hate comments like im seeing here.. no wonder this world is so messed up maybe if there was more respect n love it b a better place to live..
    my heart goes out to both families.. prayers for all.. for friends n family who have to read the hate comments im sorry u have to at this time when hugs luv n prayers should b sent ur way

  • Jay

    It was my baby sister that was killed and She will be missed more than words can say! However, blaming someone else won’t bring her back nor will it take away the pain. May they both Rest in peace….

  • Lisa

    I think all of you that are making comments are missing the one point here, families are grieving and you all are just talking trash about one another!

  • Nancy Summers

    Regardless of what happened, there are innocent families and children that have been deeply hurt by this. A community has been crushed and we all lost two very dear friends. I, personally, was very close to Jennifer and anyone who makes any derogatory comments obviously has no value in their own lives. Children lost their parents and we all lost two special people. It has nothing to do with motorcycles. They knew right from wrong and made that choice. People are grieving from the loss of these two special people. So on behalf of everyone who’s suffering, leave the negativity behind…

  • George V

    As for Phillip… easy to see he found a “New funny” with his comment, “Donor-cycles” and was like a 7 yr old on the playground,,, just looking to use it. We all take chances everyday…driving a car, riding a motorcycle, some speed, some drink and drive, some don’t wear helmets so they can look cool… in the end, we all pay for our mistakes and have no-one to blame but ourselves for our actions. Very sad to see two people lost their lives so young. Thoughts and prayers with their friends and family.

  • Gator

    Grow up all of you!
    This is a man and a woman and two families. Take a look at your life and tell me you have never done something you don’t regret but are still here typing ridiculousness. Don’t you dare judge. The majority of us are just lucky candidates up for the next drawing. This is a man I loved and a woman who was loved as well. Their lives deserve more praise than this. Wouldn’t yours?

    • Nancy Summers

      Thank you…we’re all grieving and it’s sad some people can’t show an ounce of respect…

    • Mindy sutton

      Please let us all grieve in peace people you cannot tell me you have never made a wrong choice in your life. He made a bad choice but nobody knows what Was going through his head

      • Michelle

        May God be with the families. May He hold you all in His arms and comfort you . May God give you all the strength to make it through each day. I am so sorry for the loss of your loved ones.

  • Chris k

    it wont let me comment under him but the phillip guy making posts on the bottom of this page needs a real wake up. sheesh buddy i feel sorry for your family. if you have one. maybe that is why you are so angry, no one loves you. and with your attitude i couldent understand why… ha

  • Joe McG

    are your all serious, no matter what there are family members (kids) hurting right now. drinking or not drinking, 2 wheels or 4 wheels. who cares!!!!! 2 people passed away too early.

  • Joe McG

    Drinking or not drinking. There are more than likely 2 mom’s/ Dad’s and kids that are hurting right now. 2 wheels or 4 wheels are you guys serious!!!! Just imagine if you knew one of the guys. RIP. we all make mistakes!!!!!

  • Keith Pierson

    Obesity kills many more people than motorcycles. I like to ride bicycles and the motorized kind. Some people don’t have the desire or drive for it and that’s fine. Some folks don’t like to get off the couch, and to each his own. Spewing ignorant drivel about a guys hobby on the news source reporting his death is petty and rude.

    If a man drowned swimming would you whine about how swimming is dangerous and no one should go swimming? Should we ban water?

    Why don’t we all just take a deep breath and retreat to the couch and watch something stupid on the TV, I’ll take my KLR out for a spin. :)

  • Keith Pierson

    It sucks they died. The fellow was drinking and these things happen. It’s unfortunate he took a woman’s life with him, but wasn’t an evil thing. It was just simple recklessness and poor decision making.

    I think a big part of the whole “donor-cycle” and “coffin on two wheels” crap is ignorance. Most of you know of your Harley riding friends. They have a shiny bike they polish all week and take it out bar hopping on saturdays with no helmet. Or the punk kids who get a Gixxer or a Ninja and do wheelies in sandals and wife beaters at 90 mph on route 80. Yes those people are not likely to do well with that sort of behavior, statistically speaking.

    The silent majority of safe lifelong riders take motorcycle safety classes, wear helmets, gloves, boots, and gear. Don’t drive drunk and work continuously to improve their riding.

    • shosts

      Yea and you still have an idiot pull out in front of you, run you over and then blame you for the accident. That is what happened to me… and I would still ride if I could. This father knows best person is one of those idiots.


    Peace and comfort to the families and deceased of this unfortunate tragedy first and foremost – But I have had death in the family also before because of motorcycles, so that is why I am against them and always will be. I trust my driving if I had one, not the other idiots on the road !

    • jbrony

      Yet you still drive a car or truck, which statiscally kill more people than motorcycles do. So what you are saying is you’re just another idiot on the road? Blame the motorcycle, blame the gun, blame the alcohol, blame the drugs, anybody but the people involved. You voted for Obama, didn’t you?

  • Bill town

    You are all certainly entitled to your opinions, but I know one of the victims and her daughter…..please show some respect for those affected by this. There are plenty of forums on the internet to voice your opinions regarding motorcycles. Spouting off about ignorance and motorcycle safety is irrelavent at this time…
    RIP Jen. Your daughter will never forget you.

  • JP

    Motorcycles are dangerous. I don’t mean the riders themselves are (when sober), but there are so many other idiots out there (drunk or otherwise distracted). My dad has raced in trials competitions and has had motorcycles ever since he was a teenager. And he has had some very close calls, including losing friends and being hospitalized himself. Every rider has a story about either themself or a buddy. I understand the need to ride, even though I am not a rider, but please WHERE A HELMET. I love my dad and I would hate to scrape his head off the pavement, pole, tree, etc. You get my point, it won’t save every life but maybe give you a fighting chance when someone else is the idiot. AND DRIVE SOBER.


    2 Kinds of Riders, those that went down, and those that are GOING down ! Sorry but they are coffins on 2 wheels ! Seen it my whole life !

    • Ignorance is bliss i suppose..

      Ignorance will get you killed no matter what the form. Proper riding knowledge and safety measures should be applied to all who ride a motorcycle. If not, then you see this happen. It is very ignorant to say what you did. I assume you live in a box and your idea of “fun” is putting down others online that actually live life, not let life live them. What a joke you are.


        Shut up ! You can ride proper and safe all you want, and wear your helmet ! BUT it is not goon help when that car or truck pull out in front of you, it isn’t going to help on the highway when someone cuts back over to the driving lane and don’t see the motorcyclist in the blind spot ! Don’t care how many people rate me down, I know from experience, had someone in the family killed on one who defended them. I stood at church warning a fellow member about the dangers, and he laughed, and informed me he was ring for 20 years, then 2 months later he cut messed up from hitting gravel, flew off his bike, scraped off his butt and thigh, broke some bones. 2 Kinds of Riders, LOVE OR HATE me, those that went down, and those that eventually GOING DOWN !

    • jbrony

      And I’ve collected body parts out of cars and trucks after violent accidents, and I’ll bet you still drive one every day, don’t you? Coffins on four wheels, seen a lot of it. So using your logic, everyone who rides a motorcycle will crash and die some die, right? You and all the self-proclaimed ‘experts’ on motorcycles and accidents need to do us all a favor and just shut up.

      • what a joke

        Thank you. This guy should change his name to “father knows nothing” and needs to stop telling other people how to live their lives and get one of his own.. It appears hes making things up to try and validate his asinine opinion. FYI father, its not working.. And are you a real Father? As in a Father of the church? If so, that explains it all..


        Hey Jabroni, when I jam the brakes on in my car, I do not go flying over the handle bars for road rash ! Your one of those HE MEN ! You know, the dude that does not where a helmet, thinks we all got to die of something, cool calm and collected right ? YOUR in control of everything ! Someone pulls out in front of you your tough, you can absorb the pavement on your skin without a helmet, cause YOUR COOL ! Or it will NEVER happen to you, I hope for your sake and your loved ones and friends it doesn’t if you ride a motorcycle.

        Good grief, look in the archives of WNEP since march, LOTS and LOTS of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in WNEP Area, LOTS !

        Yes a car is a coffin on four wheels, but a tad more safe to have someone bump you in the car, versus bumping you on a bike ! You got your opinions, I got mine HE Man ! Your the toughest, baddest, dude, your the man, it is always someone else not you.


        Hey, WHAT A JOKE ! Your name fits you well ! Insulting a guy who has seen it over and over and over. So I do know something, with age comes wisdom. People on the road do not drive well, always racing, always texting, never paying attention ! I will NOT risk my life on 2 wheels with the horrible drivers on the road, Not to mention if a deer runs out you can do major damage in a car, maybe even come through the windshield and kill me, but on a bike ??? Of you go into the road, etc. If everyone road a Motorcycle I would feel a little better, but still to dangerous, wether now, next month, next year, 10 to 20 years from now, when your ride a Motor Bike it is almost a fact 2 kinds of riders, those that went down, and those that are GOING DOWN ! The only Joke is What a Joke does not look at the stats ! or the WNEP Fatalities since March on Bikes !

  • Phillip

    Like “donor-cycles” aren’t dangerous enough when you’re sober; add a little booze to the experience.

    • a fellow rider

      Really Phillip? “donor-cycles” How ignorant are you? The coroner said alcohol MAY have been a factor.. But thats irrelevant from the donor-cycle part of your comment and thats what gets me. What a total scumbag you must be.

      • a fellow rider

        Yeah, maybe to the degree that im correct and youre not, by the thumbs up and down of others it seems more agree with me than you. Youre trying to offend and clearly imply that all motorcycle riders are idiots and deserve harm simply because we enjoy riding motorcycles. I believe im well within range of what qualifies as a scumbag for you saying that. But thats just my opinion..

      • Phillip

        “I believe I’m well within range of what qualifies as a scumbag”. Perhaps you are; it’s not my place to judge others.

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