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“Parrot Heads” Flock To Jimmy Buffett Concert At Drive-In

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HUNLOCK TOWNSHIP -- Hundreds of music fans known as “Parrot Heads” flocked to the Garden Drive-In in Luzerne County for a live simulcast of a Jimmy Buffett concert.

It was a field packed with self-declared “Parrot Heads” to see their musical idol, Jimmy Buffett on the big screen.

“They should do it every year, more bands, more band too,” said Patti Hughus of Wilkes-Barre. “Parrot Heads, unite!”

The Garden Drive-In near Hunlock Creek turned into a concert venue for the singer of songs such as “Margaritaville” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise."

Many of his loyal fans brought along their own margaritas, cheeseburgers and a whole lot more.

“Set up food, good drinks, good friends, good times, and nice flip flops,” said Scott Snider of Dallas.

“This is a great little Thursday night vacation, I couldn't be happier,” said Rob Craig of Forty Fort.

Jimmy Buffett's concert Thursday night in Fort Worth, Texas was simulcast through DirectTV to roughly 100 drive-ins across the country.

For employees here they said this new concept of having live performances is a way to compete with big-chain movie theaters.

“It's something new, we're all digital today so we've invested a lot of money in this property and in the projectors so it's kind reinventing what the drive-ins used to be, kind of when we were growing up so it's something new and exciting,” said Tommy Grimes with the Garden Drive-In.

“I think it's a terrific thing that they're doing this here in our backyard basically and I'm really, really, enjoying it, look at all the people all around us, a lot fun, you got to Jimmy,” said Mark Marinko of Wilkes-Barre.

With tickets only $18 a person, these friends had t-shirts labeling this show “Jimmy Buffett on a budget."

“Instead of $150 karaoke concert, we get to come to the Garden Drive-In right here in our local area and have $20 karaoke, it doesn't get any better than this,” said Annmarie Skudalski of Swoyersville.

The Circle Drive-In in Dickson City also featured the Jimmy Buffett show on Thursday.

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  • Se Homes

    18 bucks basically to watch tv. Based on the bloated ticket prices for live shows everyone thinks 18 bucks is a bargain. The magic of marketing.

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