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Officer Accused of DUI

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CARBONDALE -- A police officer from Lackawanna County is accused of driving drunk.

Carbondale police said David Clark hit parked cars on Wayne Street last week.

Authorities said the officer who currently works for the Honesdale and Jessup police departments admitted to drinking.

Officers also said he was fired from the Carbondale police in 2006 for attacking a 73-year-old man.

Police chiefs in Jessup and Carbondale said they will wait until Clark's case makes its way through the courts before deciding if he will be fired from either borough.

Clark is expected back in court in July.


  • Bigman

    The problem that you have in Pa is too many local Police departments, the systems is broken and needs to be fixed. Get rid of local police and start a county sheriff patrol that will be bigger and better supervised. These local jokersl have no clue and are hired by local government who are connected.

  • Jacky Treats

    First off i dont care how nice the guy is… common sense says do NOT drink and drive. It could have been your child, wife’s, husbands, sisters, brothers ect vehicle that this man clark hit. Being the officer that he was suppose to be he knew this. 2nd DUI? How pathetic, his first dui should have been a wake up call! I have no sympathy for these kind of people who break the law because they are not only putting themselves at rish but also other people! Thank god for him nobody was killed. Wake up!! Beating up an old man? No excuse at all, act like an adult and you are not being a role model to the youth in your community by showing that its ok to beat up an elderly because he did or said something you did not like! SMH!!!

  • Anti- Joe Schmo

    I wonder why it is mr. Joe Schmo is so defensive of this man. You see it’s very clear to all oh have Atleast half of a brain. Get this man off the force before he causes danger to others . (The exact opposite of what his is paid to do ) PROTECT…. How can you even try to defend this man saying he took responsibility for his action… Yeah he is officer of the year… Are you a complete idiot he could of killed an innocent person by his stupid selfish acts… I have sympathy for alcoholics my brother is a recovering on but never not EVER did he drive drunk or compromise the safety of others… There is no excuse … He is suppose to be a role model for children instead a disgrace …. How do you sleep at night with the beliefs you have .. Truely you are a poor man like your friend .. I am convince you some how are connected no idiot would defend such an act.

    • joe schmo

      Ok anti-me. Lets break this down a bit. I do have a brain. More than what you obviously have because your whitty retort and shaming of my comments did not have anything to do with what I actually said, and also the amount of grammatical errors is astounting. For someone wirh a brain at least. Did I once say that he should keep his job? No. I DIDNT . Do I believe that he should keep his badge? No. I DONT. Did I defend what he did and say it was okay? No. Again. Please point out to me where I stood on my soapbox and applauded his actions. He undoubtedly has a severe problem, and yes, he could have killed someone. Did I say he took responsibility for his actions? Again. No. All I said is that he f’d up. He got arrested. He admitted he was driving while intoxicated. He’ll get his judgement. At this point, there is no judgement until a trial, which you having a brain better than mine would understand. Almost every comment on this forum sites “abuse of power”. His wife is also an officer. So what? She was an offer before they were married and she’ll continue to be an officer. What is this abuse of power everyone is speaking of. He didnt get off woth a dlap on the wrist and have this incident swept under the rug!? Regardless, what will be will be, and you have no control over what his judgement is. He is clearly a man who needs help, but taking his story to a personal level has no bearing here.

  • joe schmo

    You must be completely ignorant to believe that everything you see or read in the news is 100% accurate and complete. Why do you think they have to use the word “alleged”? What is this abuse of power everyone is suggesting? hes a cop. So what. He wasnt on duty during his arrest, and he WAS arrested and also admitted to being intoxicated. Did he hit your parked car? No. Was anyone seriously injured? No. Thankfully. So quit acting all butthurt like you were there and he hit your car and kicked your dog too.

  • smokes

    he should just lose his job i dont care if he works part time or not those who abuse that power should never work again. what waste of money of hiring him.


    I’ve known and worked with Dave for a few years prior to him becoming a policeman. He was very good at his job and showed up daily and was well respected by his piers. He is a great family man and took good care of his family. I support him totally. He is a good man with a bad disease.

    • Chris k

      What does it prove of his character as a police officer if he simply showed up for work every day? we all do.. And having the support of his piers, in his profession, means nothing to us citizens anymore, in case you didnt know. They all support each others blatant disrespect and ignorance to the general public along with their corrupt actions. Forget about the constitution. There was one good cop throughout all of this, that guy deserves a standing ovation where as his peers are probably shunning him….

    • Mike Ashcroft

      This has NOTHING to do with him being anything other than a professional and acting responsibly. What does his PRIOR employment have to do with him putting on a uniform and keeping the public SAFE when he is wasted and smashing into other peoples cars? You need to get your thoughts straightened out, HAYNAURNO? Are you from up da line?

      Maybe we could meat up da Eynon and get a kupla tree hod dogs one wit mustard and one wit knot!

  • joe schmo

    What does his wife being a cop have anything to do with it?!!! The news only reports half the truth and sensationalizes everything to get views.

    • Mike Ashcroft

      So tell us Joe “Schmo”….What is the other side, the other half of the truth that channel 16 or any other news outlet is not reporting……You don’t have an answer for that do you?

  • JP

    My question would be, why is he still on the books apparently? He and all law enforcement should be setting an example for the communities in which they serve. Granted they are not perfect and make mistakes, just like the rest of us. However, he could have killed someone trying to get in or out of those cars, and shouldn’t be protecting people if he’s one of the people putting them in harms way. What’s the story about him attacking a 73 yr old man? Obviously Carbondale felt he was unfit to wear a badge back in 2006, so why did Honesdale and Jessup give him one??

  • Thankfully

    Typical of most police using their power to abuse the citizens they are sworn to protect. Im offended and disgusted he was still allowed to remain an officer of the law after attacking an elderly man! I applaud the police who charged him, most would have let the cop go and ticketed the cars he hit for being improperly parked..

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