Does It Really Work? BaByliss For Men

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This is the BaByliss for men.  The maker claims, it can cut hair in any direction, evenly and quickly.  It is cordless and uses a rechargeable battery that allows you up to 20 minutes of cutting time per charge.  It also has two adjustable comb guides to ensure you get even cuts, everytime you cut your hair.  But does it really work?

In order to test the BaByliss for men, Newswatch 16 went to Lyons Barbershop on Wilkes-Barre Township Boulevard.  The gang here knows a lot about crew cuts.  The manager Frankie Lyons said it only takes about 10 minutes to do a crew cut.

Frankie has agreed to fix any messes we may have using BaByliss.  We're ready! We read the directions to make sure we're doing this right.  Yesterday, it was charged for 16 hours, as per the directions, and Frankie had to oil the blades before using it.  There are three volunteers, one with longer hair, one with medium hair, and one with short hair.

Our first volunteer, Joe,  had longer hair for a man's cut.  He was briefed on how to use it and we started with the longest comb you can attach to it.  Joe wasn't able to get it to cut, so he attached a shorter comb and starts trimming again.  This time it started cutting, if you want to call it that.  We were shocked at what we saw!

Yep, it ripped a clump of hair right out.

At this point we think that Joe's hair may be too long for BaByliss.  So, we asked our short hair volunteer Gregg to sit down and give it a try.

Gregg's hair was completely chopped up on the right side of his head.  We had to try it again to smooth it out, but it didn't work.  So, we asked him to stop.  Frankie tried using it on the other side of Gregg's head but even he left bald spots using BaByliss.

There you have it, the crew here at Lyons Barbershop give the BaByliss for men, thumbs down.