Teen Shot While Riding Dirt Bike In Wooded Area

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LARKSVILLE -- A 14-year-old boy who was riding a dirt bike last week in Luzerne County was shot in the back, according to Larksville police.

It happened in a wooded area near Ridge and Poplar Streets in the borough, police said.

The police chief says the boy was not seriously hurt, but people illegally riding dirt bikes and ATVs and then target shooting is a big problem in this part of Larksville.

"In this area, when people ride, they're all trespassing. To make things worse, when they start carrying weapons and firing them, this is what happens," said Larksville Police Chief John Edwards.

The chief points out that it is also illegal to discharge a firearm within the borough limits of Larksville.


  • Tricia

    Isn’t there anything out there besides bad news? All I hear on the new is about people getting shot, bank robberies, house/building fires, abandon dogs, sex crimes and more. I would like to admit, the more all of this negativity being posted and broadcasted on live television just gives people the ambition to just go out and start causing problems. Why can’t we start hearing about good news. Or help support a cause and those children that suffer from hunger, cancer, or other life taking diseases. Anything with good news is great by me and I’m sure other would like the same.

  • CrazyLarry (@Skyhawk442)

    You cant ride a riding mower through your own community neither. You cant ride quads. you cant ride mini bikes. you can’t have small fires burning. you can’t spit on the streets. you cant hitch-hike. you can’t be homeless without others complaining. you can’t do Marijuana. You can’t pay for sex, unless you are in the Government. I want to know what a person can do?……..Waiting………ZZZZ ZZZZ ZZZZ ZZZZ, our freedoms have been taken away by our Governments, NO FREEDOM ALLOWED!

    • JolhnnieReb

      Well Larry, maybe you should go out and volunteer to get out the vote in order to keep these Democrat’s out of office because that is where the problem is. The Democrat’s have been running the show for 6 years now and things have degenerated tremendously and yes, you have lost many of your rights. So since you’re complaining do something about it, be pro-active instead of sitting on your couch playing video games all day. You can thank the Democrat’s for everything that they have given you and the rest of us. Just don’t blame me, because I vote republican in every election just for that purpose, to keep these communist out of office…

    • MWM

      Yeah, these all sound like great improvements for quality of life don’t they? I vote republican everytime too, but not for the same purposes the nepa-knuckle-draggers do. So illegally riding dirt-bikes on what? Private land? And then he got shot at? Or was he riding where there is public target practice? Or do we take away their guns so that don’t take shots at 14 yr olds riding around on mini-bikes without parental supervision, which is sorely lacking in this area. And the homeless? Do you want some homeless drunk or drug addict lurking and leering around your children? Mothers? Girlfriends? Sisters? Or maybe you would be ok with OTHER men paying for sex with your mother, sister, or girlfriend? SMH this place is more immoral than any city I know!

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