Swimming OK Again at Beltzville Beach

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BELTZVILLE STATE PARK -- The beach at Beltzville State Park in Carbon County is back open after being shut down last week due to high bacteria levels in the water.

Officials reopened the beach Wednesday morning after finding the water is safe for swimming.

The beach in Carbon County, has been shut down a few times in past years for high bacteria levels in the water.


  • Lifeguard

    I used to lifeguard at this beach, and we were forced to close the swimming area at least once per summer when I was there. They were required to regularly test the water in the swimming area but instead collected water samples from other parts of the lake to cover up the bacterial count and keep the swimming area open. There were several theories as to the cause, such as droppings from geese, surrounding rain runoff, or local septic systems. Every morning, we were forced to pick up roughly 30 pounds of goose waste with our hands into trash bags and then dump the bags into a dumpster. I worked there for three or four seasons I believe as did several of my friends.

  • The Truth

    in other words….enough of those filthy stinking NYers have gone home for the water to be clean again.

  • deez nutz

    Anyone would be crazy to go swimming in that lake with all the problems they’ve been having with the water quality. Why can’t they find the source of the bacteria and do something about it?

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