Special Mornings And Nights At Montage Water Park

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SCRANTON -- With temperatures up around 90 the past two days, and many schools letting out for summer, water parks are a popular destination.

Montage Mountain Water Park has been busy during the day but it's not all rides and slides during the summer at Montage. Mornings and nights have some special offerings for very young and old.

Little Kashius Warren doesn't have to worry about the big kids knocking him over. He obviously doesn't have to fear the polar bears either.

Water Babies at Montage Mountain Water Park in Scranton is a special session just for parents and kids under 2 years of age.

"We come up just for him to get some time in the water without the older kids around. It gives him a chance to be in the sun before it gets too hot in the afternoon for him," said Jessica Kinsey of Wyoming.

Parts of the park open exclusively for the toddlers at 9 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Robert Keiper seemed to like the mommy and me time in the water too.

"He loved it. He likes the slides and yelling at the water and splashing it," said Dana Keiper of Scranton.

Water babies aren't the only ones welcome on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Water walkers are, too. What's called the Lazy River becomes just the opposite, a place for a little exercise.

"We like to go in reverse. I'm sort of a go against the grain kind of person so I go against the grain," said Margaret Boyt of Pittston.

The park is trying to offer programs for all different interests including adults. Adult swims are back on Thursday nights because, of course, we like to cool off, too.

"The programs are gaining in popularity. I think once people realize what we have up here, they really enjoy coming to the park," said spokesperson Sarah Farrell.

The slides and other attractions get busy during normal operating hours, but on Tuesday mornings, it's all available exclusively to those with special needs.

And all those morning programs include discounts to stay all day.

Joey Fox is ready for fun after a morning walking with mom.

"It's kind of cool, everybody should come here."

Morning programs on the mountain cost $5 or $30 for a season pass.

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