UPDATE: Two in Custody Following Police Standoff

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FRACKVILLE -- A nearly three-hour standoff in Schuylkill County ended peacefully Thursday morning.

Police surrounded the home on South Fourth Street in Frackville late Wednesday night.  Officers were trying to arrest Steven Androshick, 49, for failing to appear in court. They then found out another wanted man, Harry Baney, 28, was also inside.

The SWAT team used stun grenades to drive two men out of a home on South Fourth Street in Frackville.  Both finally surrendered around 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

Newswatch 16 spoke with a man who said he knows the suspects and tried to coax them out of the home.

"I asked them, I said, 'What are you doing?' He said, 'Cops, cops, cops here!' I said, 'Stevie, relax, calm down. What are you doing?'" said  Wesley Grubb.

Grubb said Androshick told him, "I'm not coming out, they are taking me. I'm going to get arrested."

Grubb tried to talk him out of the standoff.

"I told him, 'Listen, calm down.  If you come out, you'll be fine,'" said Grubb.

Both men are locked up in Schuylkill County jail.


  • Bill

    We have a 40+ year War on drugs in this country that has failed miserably! We’ve Spent trillions of dollars and all to stop less than 2% of the drugs from coming in! Less than 2%!!!!!! It’s time for a new policy, time to decriminalize it and treat it like a public health crisis that it is!

  • Matt

    Agreed with Niccolo the town would probably be a lot safer with out people like you saying shoot someone then ask questions. Really ignorant with that statement Greg. would also like to point out that if this was about drugs, drug addiction is a disease not a crime, the sooner this country realizes that the better. coming from a RECOVERING addict my self.

    • Bill

      We have a 40+ year War on drugs in this country that has failed miserably! Spent trillions of dollars and all to stop less than 2% of the drugs from coming in! It’s time for a new policy, time to start legalizing or at least decriminalizing and treating it like a public health crisis that it is!

    • MWM

      @niccolo go somewhere else then and don’t let the door hit your a-double on the way out. and matt, I am also a recovered addict and never saw it a disease and never known it to be counseled that way. It’s a really bad-life-style-choice coupled with behavioral problems end of story. These days all they do is coddle criminals it’s disgusting.
      I have no problem shooting dealers because they are dealing poison. More has to be done to get dirt-bag dealers off the streets, clean up the addicts, and open the door to ungrateful losers that come into or even born into our country and talk smack about how terrible it is. Half the police force are corrupt? Prove it. I see half the population as being corrupt.


      some people have no choice but to live here, how about you give me the money to move out of this country and I HAPPILY will with out argument and get out of your hair. as far as proving police force is corrupt i’m pretty sure last year there was a story sating that nearly 70% percent of drug evidence in Lackawanna county was unaccounted for and no explanation ever made about what happened to it. Drugs are a huge nuisance on our streets that point i am not arguing and if you think thats the point i’m arguing your even more ignorant than i originally stated you were. We’re a country who is on the verge of being homeless illegal in some states already are, and we put the homeless in jails, now i’m sure some will argue, oh they have a roof and food etc etc, but some some would rather the freedom this country is SUPPOSED to protect rather than bars a roof and food. this country and world set up a norm to where if you dont live like everyone eventually you will be locked behind bars for no reason other than being an individual. i could go on for hours and days about the flaws of our country, and the roots of our flaws has to do with dirty politicians (who i’d also like to point out have used drugs, and 13 presidents it IS a VERY well known fact some to be known as the best presidents in US history) and the other root o our problem US citizens like your selves that think they could impose their will on the public who dont agree with them.

  • Niccolò

    Ignoranta putanas like you in this country should be shot for saying statements like this. half the pigs in this state are corrupt putting the drugs back in the streets, so i guess we should shoot the cops right? people like you make me ashamed to live in this country and the reason why most of the world hate Americans.

  • PAdisappointed

    a swat team for a guy who just appeared to fail at court….. this is where our founding is going. i’m pretty sure you could have used a SWAT team to have a stand off with a murderer or some other more serious offense. he probably didnt come out because they brought a whole SWAT team. I’m also sure that two officers simply knocking on his door would have been just as affective. Then the public wanders why counties and cities are so low on money, its because of excessive spending on things such as this.

    • PAdisappointed

      i’m sorry i mean to say he probably didnt come out because they brought a whole SWAT team and scared the guy into a panic. If it was me I probably would have done the same, scared frantically not knowing what to do. on the other hand 2 -3 even patrol cars would have been alot calmer, and just as effective, not to mention he probably wouldn’t even have known who was even knocking at the door before he opened and it was too late anyway. sorry i read my comment and felt i had to explain a little further.

      • ryry

        @BRIANNA Where the hell did you hear that? No where did the police say that…

        Police said “the incident began when troopers tried to serve arrest warrants on the men. They did not have details as to what the arrest warrants were for. When troopers went to the home to serve the warrants both men refused to surrender and ignored commands to exit the home. With the possibility that one of the two may have a weapon, troopers set up a perimeter and contacted the SERT unit.”

    • CAD

      It was for much more than that….he is a known drug dealer in town. So was the other guy. At least now maybe that neighbor hood will get some peace.

      • CAD

        Also, unless you live in this town and know about all the cover ups of things happening here you will only know what has been posted ie; it was for missing a court date lol small story to continue the farce of nothing bad ever happens in Frackville. From the burglaries a few years ago to the guy at Boyer’s 3 weeks ago naked and on bath salts trying to kidnap some woman. You won’t know about it here….

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