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Police: Driver May Have Been Texting Moments Before Crash

NIPPENOSE TOWNSHIP — Police now say the driver in a fatal crash may have been texting and driving moments before it happened.

A single flower tied to a stick on the side of Route 44 in Nipponose Township is the only reminder of a car crash that killed 38-year-old Phillip Kanski of Jersey Shore earlier this week.

“It’s tragic that a young kid’s got to go so fast. I mean it’s just tragic,” said Tom Maines from Rauchtown.

Family friend, Tom Maines, was tearful when he stopped by the site.

“I came here to see where my best friend’s boy got killed,” said Maines.

Police say Kanski’s car veered off the road and hit a tree Monday. Kanski’s family went searching for him, but it wasn’t until Tuesday morning when Kanski’s family found the car. Police are still investigating what may have caused the crash. They say it is possible Kanski could have taken his eyes off the road.

“He had actually texted his father,” said Captain Martin Jeirles, with Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police.

Police say the driver may have been distracted, but that doesn’t mean he was texting and driving. Either way people on this road want drivers to slow down.

“Accidents happen on this road too often. It’s too fast to speed through here,” said Stan Duffield of Jersey Shore.

“If you’re not paying attention, while you’re driving for whatever the reason may be or whatever. These roads are busy,” said Brenda Ginther of Jersey Shore.

Police say no one was around to see the crash, so they have no way of knowing exactly how or when it happened.

“It’s really sad he had a whole life to live,”said Ginther.

“Texting and Driving. Don’t even be on your cellphone period,” said Maines.

Police say there have been three crashes in the area within three years. Two of those have been deadly.


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