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Investigators List Suspects In Luzerne County Bank Robbery

EDWARDSVILLE — Police have released the names of two people suspected in a bank robbery in Luzerne County last week.

Christopher Prince, 27, and Diana Poole, 36, both from Chester County, have been named as suspects in a arrest warrants for the robbery of Community Bank in the West Side Shopping Center in Edwardsville last week.

Investigators say the pair got away with more than $8,000.

Authorities said surveillance photos showed the pair running from the bank after the robbery.


  • MWM

    The fact that they don’t even bother to disguise themselves is disturbing but lucky. Disturbing because they brazenly believe their going to get away with it in the long run? What a couple of losers.

    • Bill Rook

      With this country heading on its present path expect more robberies. With those in power making it hard for the needy to survive, let alone the ‘greedy’ , I told my friends that this would happen. Me personally, I would starve to death before I would steal! The Ten Commandments God gave to Moses , and found in the Holy Bible, strictly forbids us to areal!!!

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