Family Unhurt After Scranton Fire

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SCRANTON -- Fire forced a family out of their home Wednesday afternoon in Scranton.

Firefighters say a back porch along Wheeler Avenue caught fire around 2 p.m.

Crews had to tear off some of the porch roof to put water on the flames and prevent the fire from spreading.

No one was hurt.

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  • Franko

    Gee — looking at the pictures, it is yet another one of those properties where if it was in any other city outside of NEPA, it would have been condemned because of the condition it’s in — the porch alone looks like it’s barely safe. But of course, if the city actually went and inspected places and condemned them, about half the city would disappear overnight. How many times have any of you driven around Scranton, looked at a home and either said, “there is no way someone lives there” or “I can’t believe someone live there”

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