Turnpike Tolls To Rise Again

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It's going to cost you more to travel the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission approved a five percent increase for both E-ZPass and cash customers starting next year.

Officials say yearly turnpike toll increases are because of a transportation funding law signed in 2007 requiring the commission to make payments to PennDOT in addition to maintaining the turnpike system.

The higher rates take effect on January 4, 2015.


  • o-bob

    Since 75% of riders on the turnpike use EZ Pass, has the Turnpike Commission reduced the toll collector workforce by 75%? Probably not as the union would never allow the reduction of the workforce. These union workers are probably sitting inside a break room for their shifts and still getting paid full compensation + pensions. That is what the increase of rates is covering! So tell me why unionization is a good thing?

    • Jeff Mayhugh

      It would be useful to see a breakdown of how the toll monies are used. What percentage of the toll income pays salaries for the toll collectors? If it’s near 100% then we ought to make the road free and get rid of the toll booths and collectors entirely. Or at least require EZ Pass for access and get rid of the toll collectors entirely.

      It reminds me of the way Pennsylvania sells wine and hard liquor. The revenue provides “good union jobs”. But in other states wine and hard liquor can be bought at your local grocery store or Wal-Mart. It’s cheaper and the selection is better then in state stores.

  • JZ

    Makes sense to me! How else do you pay the other 3-4 Penn DOT workers who are hovering over the 1-2 guys who are actually working???

    • o-bob

      Workers on the Turnpike are not part of Penn Dot. The turnpike has their own scam going separate of Penn Dot but your comparison is correct.

      • ryry

        ”With new rates, E-ZPass users will save at least 35 percent compared to cash.”
        BUT! You need to pay $10 for the E-ZPass, $3 a year service fee. And, $10 or less per E-ZPass transponder ($10 x # of transponders), your Credit Card or bank account will be automatically charged a minimum of $35 per E-ZPass transponder to replenish your account. So, it actually does cost more to have one. You can’t have $10 or less on it at anytime. No thanks, I’m not paying $48 dollars so I don’t have to stop…

  • Ken

    First a $.30 per gallon tax increase to pay for the road repairs
    Then Pendot fees go up for drivers license etc, to pay for the road repairs
    And now another increase? Really, No way they are using all the new found cash to fix the roads, Its being used elsewhere.
    We need new people in public office

  • Hal

    Just wait until the new bypass is opened with an additional 25,000 vehicles per day diverted from 81 to the turnpike. It won’t be long before all the wear and tear prompts another rate increase. Pretty soon you won’t be inserting your ticket at the toll booth but an application for a second mortgage.

  • Me

    I’m glad I don’t use the turnpike. Sooner or later nobody will be able to afford to commute with gas prices and the rising cost of Pa taxes by the minute.

    I think I just got a bill for Pa taxing my underwear !

    Such absolute corruption and stupidity and you STILL have the worst roads in the country.

    Penn dot. Lol lol lol. You guys couldn’t fix a flat tire !

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