Suspect Locked Up For Kingston Shooting

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KINGSTON -- A man is locked up, accused of shooting a man in Luzerne County on Monday.

Kingston police say Travis Jones, 38, is facing aggravated assault and other charges after shooting a man at an apartment house at the corner of Penn and Korn Streets on Monday.

Authorities say the shooting victim is in stable condition.

Jones is locked up with bail set at $75,000.


  • V. Wichonski

    Wziąć twój skazaniec getta sposobów powrotu do miasta z której przyszedłeś przegrany!

  • Is there REALLY FREEDOM of SPEECH ??? If so read this

    Let me guess, a Felon ? No doubt illegal stolen gun, no license to carry concealed weapon legally either ? SO SICK OF THESE GUN TOTING VIOLENT, LAWBREAKING PEA BRAINS RUINING SHOOTING US !

    • k

      A felon ha how about in prison for 15 years for killing someone. But the police are no better they knew this menace walked ours streets & did NOTHING. Please believe this is by far not his first crime in this area. And the police & other departments know all the crimes committed but allowed it to continue! So their hands are NOT clean! And that’s the problem in this area!!!

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