Suspect in Hit and Run On Trial Six Years Later

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WILKES-BARRE -- It's been six years in the making but a woman from Forty Fort is now on trial for the hit and run death of another woman.

It happened on Wyoming Avenue in Kingston in 2008.

Police say Megan Panowicz, 29, was the first of three drivers to hit a woman in the street back in 2008.

At her trial, investigators read the original statement that Panowicz gave police the day after the crash happened.

Panowicz tried to hide from our cameras as she entered the Luzerne County Courthouse to stand trial for fleeing the scene of a deadly, gruesome crash that happened just about six years ago.

Police say Panowicz was the first of three drivers to run over Sharon Shaunessey on Wyoming Avenue in Kingston late in the evening of August 27, 2008.

Police say Panowicz hit the woman, witnessed two other drivers hit the woman, and left the scene, allowing two other drivers to hit the victim lying in the road covered in a blanket.

In court, officers, investigators and witnesses testified, including the other drivers that hit the victim.

The second driver testified that she "wondered where the first person was.'Where are they? Why aren't they here?'"

Panowicz turned herself in the day after the crash, with her father who is a lawyer, representing her.

That's when she admitted to hitting Shaughnessy and leaving the scene

She also told police she was going to call 911 but overheard someone else say they would.

Investigators read her statement today. In it Panowicz said "I wanted to drive off a bridge. I couldn't sleep. I thought I had a nightmare. Then I realized it wasn't."

Panowicz's father continues to represent her in this trial. He will continue calling witnesses on Wednesday.


  • V. Wichonski

    Nie obchodzi mnie, jeśli to kobieta jest ładny, lub podejrzliwie œledziæ cukierek dla większości mężczyzn. Hit i uruchom jest przestępstwem podły! To jest naprawdę straszne, co zrobić, jeśli ona trafić ktoś kochał i biegł??? O tym myśleć! Jej wygląd nie można zapisać jej z nieprawość aktu hit i uruchomić!

  • burtfan

    I don’t understand this. Panowicz hit the, stopped, covered her in blanket and then witnessed two other drivers hit her, and then took off? Whoever wrote this story must be an intern. Doesn’t anybody edit this stuff?

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