School Closings And Delays

Final Summer Dismissal at Ramsey Elementary

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STROUDSBURG -- An elementary school in Stroudsburg is officially closed for the summer and may be closed for good.

The school board voted last month to close WH Ramsey Elementary at the end of the school year.

Walking out hand in hand, students at Ramsey Elementary are leaving for summer vacation, the final emotional dismissal before the building closes for good.

James Pandolfo says Thomas Street will never be the same in Stroudsburg and he will miss all of this.

"Oh my gosh, that sound is like music to my ears, the kids playing in there, walking up this nice quiet street. Now they're going to be down on Main Street where it's hustle and bustle," said Pandolfo.

The Stroudsburg Area School Board voted just last month to close Ramsey Elementary and send these students to other schools in the district to save money.

Now 6-year old Sophia heads into summer vacation wondering where her classmates will be on the first day of first grade.

"I think that I'm going to see some of my same friends and some of them might not be in the same school," said kindergartener Sophia Pandolfo.

Mother of three Janell Leeth is capturing all of this school's final moments.

"It's just this school is part of our neighborhood and our community. I can count on anybody at any time to help me with one of my kids if I'm in a jam," said Leeth.

But some parents and students are still very hopeful that this isn't the final chapter for Ramsey Elementary in Stroudsburg.

"Don't you dare try to close my school. I am the maddest person in the world," said first-grader Nevan McCabe.

Nevan and his mom Erica remain more optimistic than most.

"I am the PTA president here at Ramsey. I have refused to clean out my locker until the last minute. That is how hopeful I am," said Erica McCabe.

McCabe says parents are still planning to file an injunction to stop the school from closing, ready to fight for the school all of her kids say they love.

"It's not when Ramsey closes, it's if Ramsey closes," said Norah McCabe.

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