Dominick Sentenced For Probation Violation

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SCRANTON -- One of the two people found guilty in a murder in Lackawanna County was sentenced Tuesday for a probation violation.

Jason Dominick received two and a half to five years in prison.

The district attorney's office says the murder conviction is a violation of Dominick's probation for a home invasion in Clarks Summit in 2012.

Dominick is still awaiting sentencing for the murder of Frank Bonacci of Dunmore.

Neil Pal was convicted for his role in the crime last week and is also awaiting sentencing.


  • facts

    The home invasion was back in the fall of 2011 when him and a group of friends broke into a known drug dealers house. He was put on probation for the crime and they just sentenced him for violating the terms of his probation.

  • V. Wichonski

    Strona główna najeźdźców, powinien książka wrzucona na nich! Tchórzliwy jest nie wystarczająco dobre słowo, żeby wypowiadać się o te rodzaje osób! Każdy blokada drzwi i zamykać okna i mieć plan, jeśli domu zawsze opanowany przez te pospólstwo typy ludzi!

  • MWM

    Well, we won’t have to worry about the likes of him anymore once his murder sentence is handed down. Home invasion…coward.

  • harsh times

    so what youre saying he was on probation for a VERY SERIOUS CRIME his P>O> shoot resign and the judge that gave him probation SHOULD STEP DOWN !!!!!

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