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State Police Investigate Homicide in Monroe County

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP---State police said 19-year-old David Crothers is dead.

Investigators said he was stabbed in the leg last week at his home on Locust Lane in Chestnuthill Township, Monroe County.

Crothers died over the weekend at Pocono Medical Center.

His mother told Newswatch 16 Crothers was fighting with his younger brother, 18-year-old Matthew Crothers at the family's home.

She said the argument was about David Crother's girlfriend.

At one point, Gabby Crothers said Matthew stabbed David in the leg, a decision she calls 'tragic' and 'horrible.'

She said Matthew did not mean it and if charged with homicide, she added she will get him an attorney and help in any way she can.

Officials at the Monroe County prison said Matthew Crothers is currently locked up, arrested and held since the day of the stabbing on a county parole violation.

He has not been charged with homicide, nor has anyone else.

State police said the investigation is ongoing.


  • ME

    Nice to see families are so loving these days, to the point of homicide. I wouldn’t even think of fighting with any siblings over the person they chose to date, unless I could see he/she was taking them for a ride.

    • Sandy

      All the facts are not mentioned. I know what happened and the boy involved, He was protecting his family and it should be self defense. It is a horrible tragedy that this family now has to deal with. Him going to prison wont help anyone.

  • MWM

    “She said Matthew did not mean it and if charged with homicide, she added she will get him an attorney and help in any way she can.” How is taking a knife and sticking it in someone not meaning it? No one wants to choose between two sons, I guess one is dead so now you don’t want to lose the other one? But obviously the intent to harm was there. I had been in a situation such as this where I finally got everyone out of the house before something like this happened. House full of guys acting like club-thunking Neanderthals. Not on my watch they wanna kill each other they can do it somewhere else. This is what happens when dysfunction is allowed to rule the roost.

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