Gliding to the Ground on Father’s Day

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EATON TOWNSHIP-- Forget the cookouts or a new tie.

Scott Harry of Sweet Valley was thrilled to spend his Father's Day on the tarmac at Skyhaven Airport near Tunkhannock.

"My wife got me a father's day present. I've been asking for years to skydive; not asking but I've wanted to do it for years and finally she said yeah! She bought me one," said Harry.

While Scott strapped on the equipment and his plane took to the air, the Harry family watched from below.

"I think it's scary but I'm thrilled that he's actually going to and I can't wait to see it," said Scott's daughter Emily.

After pulling the chute and gliding down to the ground, Scott Harry had no regrets.

"A lot of fun. I'd definitely do it again."

When asked by Newswatch 16 how this rated as a Father's Day gift, Harry said "Best ever!"

After the father's day first timers returned to the ground, it was 90-year-old Clara White's turn to suit up.

"I take a lot of vitamins, do a lot of walking. I think that's it," said White.

The grandmother from Wapwallopen has done this before.

She's been jumping tandem with Endless Mountain Skydivers ever since she turned 80.

Her life motto is printed on her shirt.

"I have people that are 50 and 60 asking how can you go so fast I can't keep up with you," she said.

Without hesitation Clara leaped from the plane into the skies over Wyoming County; smiles all the way down.

The landing was a smooth one, gliding on the grass.

Clara wanted to keep skydiving every year until she turns 100. Now the 90-year-old says this jump may be her last.

"Don't hold me strictly to it, no, because you know I could change my mind. Because there's something about it that I love."