Glass Negatives

We head Back Down The Pennsylvania Road to Wayne County for a story Mike Stevens did two years ago.

In 2012 he showed us a time gone by as seen through a glass negative window.

  • bdpr glass

    Art Etched in Glass

  • bdpr car

    Back Down the Pennsylvania Road in an Old Car

  • bdpr doll house

    A Doll House on a Grand Scale

  • bdpr fire engine

    Steam Fire Engine

  • bdpr luna park

    Luna Park

  • bdpr horse and plow

    Plowing with a Team of Horses

  • bdpr ricketts

    Ricketts Glen State Park

  • promo284251674

    Preserving a Piece of Fire Fighting History

  • bdpr station

    Lackawanna Station Hotel

  • promo287695530

    Maker of Baskets

  • bdpr sled I

    Viking Sled

  • bdpr class of 16

    Class of 16 in ’86

  • turnpike2

    Traffic Alert: Lane Closures on PA Turnpike Between Luzerne, Carbon Counties


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