Deadly Clinton County Cycle Crash

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  • Rochelle Wadsworth

    I agree I live in renovo and I was born and raised here the potholes are so bad it almost rips your tires off. Its rediculous. This town needs work and for some reason nothing ever gets done. The cops get brand new cars but the roads can’t be fixed? You literally either go through the holes and risk breaking your car or go around them which forces you to the other side of the road. I feel so bad for the family who lost a loved one because renovo can’t fix these shitty roads. I’m sorry for those grieving and may he rest in peace.

  • Pauline Coleman

    I just want to say that the pot hole on Ontario Ave in Renovo are out of control! They are so bad! They have been bad for almost a year or more now. There has been a number of complaints to the township and there was nothing done, they are not in any big hurry to repair them. Now a man had died because he hit one with his motorcycle!! I have seen there pot holes, I am a resident of Renovo and they are deadly! From Eight and Ontario all they was to 4th and Onrarion they are horrible! Something has to be done!! Now a man is dead and his family is devastated, he was taken way too soon… all because the borough doesn’t want to repair them. Please do a story on this and maybe, just maybe something will get done!! Thank you.

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