Authorities Investigating Gunfire Incident in Luzerne County

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KINGSTON -- An arrest is expected to be made soon for an early morning shooting that hospitalized a man in Luzerne County. Police have had at least four people in custody for most of the day.

Police surrounded this apartment building in Kingston for hours this morning, blocking part of Korn Street, waiting to search the home where they say one man was shot in the back.

"I woke up to caution tape and not really knowing what was going on."

Neighbor Bill Yenalevitch says he's concerned since he lives next door with two young daughters.

"Not a good thing. Don't really want to have my kids wake up next to this, so not very happy. I'm sure the rest of the neighborhood's not too happy either," said neighbor Bill Yenalevitch.

Police say one man was shot in the back inside this apartment. They say he had surgery at Geisinger Wyoming Valley and is expected to be okay.  Kingston Police have had at least four people of interest in custody all day, but no one has been charged at this time.

Maureen Rapach lives nearby and says she didn't hear gunshots but she saw a big party happening here last night.

"Saw about four people go in the side door there, didn't see anything wrong happening, you know loud music happens in the summertime. People are out in their yards enjoying the music," said neighbor Maureen Rapatch.

Yenalevitch also didn't hear gunshots. But he's lived in the neighborhood for 12 years and says this house has always been a problem.

"Are you surprised then that if something were to happen, it happened to be at this house?" a Newswatch 16 reporter asked.

"No, no, not in that house or most of that street. It's kind of going down the tubes," said Yenalevitch.

Kingston Police expect to charge one person this evening.

Shawn Dunn June 16, 201411:17 am

Shawn Dunn June 16, 201411:17 am


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