Williamsport Crosscutters Fans Approve Of New Stadium Name, Upgrades

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The Williamsport Crosscutters hit the field for the season home opener Friday night with an improved field and a new name.

Fans flocked to help kick off the season and enjoy the new look.

The boys of summer are back in Lycoming County and fans of the Williamsport Crosscutters couldn`t be more thrilled.

The line was long as folks filed into the team`s home field, ready to go for opening night.

“We`re pumped, I love the energy these guys put into playing, it`s even better than watching the pro`s,” said Harry Carnrike of Williamsport.

But this year the stadium has a big change.

The county`s second oldest operating minor league field now has a brand new name.

Historic Bowman Field will now be Susquehanna Bank Park at Historic Bowman Field.

Team officials say the five year, $150,000 naming agreement will cover costs for upgrades and maintenance.

It will also pay for these roof repairs already finished.

“I think it looks nice, I think it`s a very nice improvement, to the field and the town, it`s good for the town,” said Eunice McFall from Canton.

“I did see a week or two ago they were fixing the roof, you know stuff like that you got to do to keep everybody happy and coming back,” said Carnrike.

“The sign looks great, the improvements to the roof, it`s going be way better than it was,” said Joe Scocchera of Williamsport. “And those of us that come back every year, every game, every season, we like to see what it`s become to what it was.”

Team officials said when negotiating with Susquehanna Bank, they were firm on keeping Historic Bowman Field in the stadium’s new name.

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    Mayor Campana announced that as of Monday, June 16th, home plate will be removed by the city. “We’ve noticed many of the players hanging out in that area, spitting and wielding bats” he tated.

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