Tractor Trailer Crash on Interstate 81 Northbound

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LUZERNE COUNTY-- Part of northbound Interstate 81 in Luzerne County is down to one lane after a tractor-trailer crash Friday morning.

The tractor-trailer appears to have hit an embankment and gone over a guide rail.

It happened around 4 a.m. between the Wilkes-Barre (170) and Pittston (175) exits.

Traffic is moving through the area in one lane as crews are still on scene.

No injuries were reported.


  • AL

    You missed the entire point here. If you go and read all the post they are about cars cutting truckers off. All I said was that I read no where that a car cut anyone off. Then I simply asked if a car was not involved who are we blaming?

  • Suck Siver

    Never met a trucker I liked. They all think the world couldn’t survive without them. None can handle the booze.

  • Clifford

    That was a US Mail Contractor. Don’t be so quick to pass judgment. It is very very very possible, that a motorist on the road just before this crash was texting or doing something completely stupid and this truck driver crashed trying to avoid hitting that stupid driver. Truck drivers are constantly avoiding crashes because of other bad drivers Also, the truck driver may very well have been wrong too. These truck drivers can’t stay off their phones either. We are all responsible. We must all obey the laws. Don’t just assume the one wrecked is the cause of the problem.

  • Ron Ashton

    ANOTHER big rig crash!! It’s obvious that these drivers are out of control and the National Transportation Highway Safety Administration needs to re-impose a two level speed limit with trucks confined to 55 MPH on ALL interstate highways! Need to have on-board monitoring systems that record the speeds and then they can be fined during random checks by the State Police.

  • TrafficSucks81315

    It took me an hour and a half to drive 30 miles to work this morning because of two accidents on 81 North and going the 315 route was almost just as bad. That light at Ken Pollock in Dupont had traffic backed up all the way past the Cross Valley driving at an average of 3mph. Maybe having officers stand at the light and directing the traffic would be a better (and faster) solution being that there was absolutely no traffic after the light getting onto 81 North. It seemed to be holding everyone up in unnecessary traffic. Apparently the light is a reoccurring issue for 315. Someone should look into this problem and maybe do something about it for every accident on 81 that is bound to happen in the future.

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