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Marine Surprises Sister At Hanover Area High School Graduation

HANOVER TOWNSHIP—There was a special surprise at the Hanover Area High School Friday night.

It was an exciting night for all 147 graduates, their friends and families, but it was an especially touching night for one high school grad.

“She means the world to me, both of my sisters. Not just one, I have two younger sisters and I love them dearly,” said Cpl. Lawrence Carbohn.

Corporal Lawrence Carbohn is a Marine serving in Japan.

He has been overseas for three years, visiting home only a few times.

His sister, Amber, was among the graduating class at Hanover Area and Corporal Carbohn surprised her on stage, handing her her diploma.

“I was completely surprised and speechless, I was just happy and excited,” said Amber after the ceremony.

The surprise was put together by Corporal Carbohn and his adopted grandmother, a woman he affectionately calls ‘Nan.’

Rosemary Pilch called school officials and even Senator John Yudichak’s office to coordinate eveything.

“I don’t know. I just do it out of love and this was worth it, this was the greatest thing to see, my grandson come on the stage and present his sister with the diploma,” said Pilch.

School officials said they were happy to make the surprise happen.

“I think we get to show to all of our students how important the family connections are and how deep rooted our connections are to our students,” said Hanover Area Superintendent Andrew Kuhl.

It is a moment Amber Carbohn said she will always remember.

“It makes it unforgettable.”

Corporal Carbohn is also a Hanover Area High School graduate.

In addition to surprising his sister, Amber, at her graduation, he surprised his other sister on her 13th birthday.


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