Officer and Father of 11 Fighting Cancer

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- A police officer only about a year away from retirement in Monroe County is now in the fight of his life.

Officer Reuben Torres of the Stroud Area Regional Police Department has stage four cancer, but the father of 11 refuses to give up.

The Stroudsburg community is joining in his fight.

Officer Reuben Torres' Harley sits at Stroud Area Regional Police Department. The veteran of more than 20 years is off the job, fighting against stage four cancer.

It's a battle many of his fellow officers didn't know about until just this spring.

"He wasn't letting anyone know. He would come to work, work, he would do what's expected of him and he'd go home and take care of his 11 kids, and again, do what's expected of him there," said Stroud Area Regional Police Department Lt. Kevin Transeu.

That's right, Officer Torres is the father of 11. Five children are adopted and several suffer from Down syndrome.

Treatments at several local hospitals have failed to cure his cancer. But Torres and his wife refuse to give up, finding strength in family and faith.

"Really what he's concerned about is living not so much for himself but living for his children, to be there, to make sure that they're always well taken care of and being there to do that," said Lt. Transeu.

He's currently on his way to Mexico for an experimental treatment that costs about $30,000.

Now the community has jumped into action, raising about $13,000 already online, giving this officer and father hope.

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the amazing contributions and help," said Officer Reuben Torres in a Facebook video.

At Pocono Motion Body Shop in Stroud Township, Officer Torres' longtime friend is planning to help, too.

"We're going to do everything we can to get him through this and his wife, and try to make this as good as we can," said Pocono Motion Body Shop owner Rich Banks.

Banks has organized a car wash for this weekend at his shop on North Fifth Street, knowing every dollar makes a difference.

"We're here for him, and that's all I can say, you know, great guy," said Banks.

All are hoping to see Torres back on his Harley and writing up reconstruction reports soon at Stroud Area Regional.

Click here to help online.

Car Wash Information:

Saturday June 14 9 a.m. – 11a.m.
Pocono Motion Body Shop
North Fifth Street, Stroudsburg PA 18360
$10 Donation

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