Closing Arguments In Pal Trial

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SCRANTON -- Closing arguments are now underway in a high profile murder case in Lackawanna County.

The defense spent the late morning making its last pitch to the jurors after prosecutors cross examined defendant Neil Pal.

The defense began closing arguments late Thursday morning, trying to convince jurors that Neil Pal did not know anything about a plan to kill Frank Bonacci of Dunmore.

Pal spent much of the day Wednesday taking the stand in his own defense. This morning started with prosecutors trying to poke holes in that testimony.

Neil Pal's final attempt to prevent a first or third degree murder conviction came this morning.

Prosecutors pointed out inconsistencies in his testimony on Wednesday, he said little on the stand as they prodded him to explain lies he told police after Bonacci went missing.

Bonacci's body was found in his vehicle in the step falls area of Scranton.

Pal said he left a party to drive Bonacci and already convicted killer Jason Dominick there, thinking they were only going to fight. Prosecutors grilled him about why they didn't just fight at the party.

In the defense closing argument, jurors are hearing that Pal wasn't an accomplice to the killing, but instead surprised when Dominick shot Bonacci.

Pal's attorney told the jurors,"he has to have a murderous mind. Neil Pal has to have it, not Jason Dominick, for you to convict him on any of those four murder charges."

Another twist in court this morning came as the defense got the judge to add something for jurors to consider besides first and third degree murder and conspiracy charges. They could now choose involuntary manslaughter.



  • Sylvia

    Wonder how much Pal’s father had to pay to get him off the hook , WHAT A JOKE!!!!!! That kid better not walk away and only spend a few years behind bars. He should be spending as much time in prison as Dominick is.

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