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The Eynon is Back

EYNON — Whether you spell it with an “a” or an “e,” the Sugerman’s plaza in Eynon is getting a face lift.

In its heyday, Sugerman’s was a drug store that offered customers a one stop shop, before stores like Wal-Mart or Target.

“At that time it was unheard of and it was probably one of the biggest draws in Northeast Pennsylvania,” said Ben Lorenzetti, the property manager for the Sugerman’s shopping plaza.

But times changed and the retail space was dying. So, new owners made plans to change that.

“In essence, we’re trying to modify the old Sugerman’s plaza into the modern day 2014 business,” said Lorenzetti.

The changes in Lackawanna County include a new anchor store, Tractor Supply Company, which is set to open on June 28th.

The Sugerman’s flea market will still be held on Saturdays and Sundays, but will no longer take place outside. P & R discount has also expanded its shopping space to triple the size.

“Now that the flea market is no longer and Sugerman’s is gone, we’re picking that back up, getting things moving and improving the economy,” said Margaret Wagner, store manager at P & R discount.

“The place is absolutely gorgeous. I was stunned,” said Jenny Quatela from Honesdale.

“There’s definitely a lot more space, easier to get around with the carts and stuff, so it’s good,” said Diane Schmale from Honesdale.

New ownership said the retail space along business Route 6 in Lackawanna County is about 90% full. They’re looking and still accepting businesses.


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