Police: Parents Accused of Dealing Drugs, Mistreating Children

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PITTSTON -- Two people are locked up in Luzerne County for allegedly putting their children in danger.

Authorities said Linda Ortiz and Jose Rosado had heroin and marijuana in their home in Pittston in April.

Police said the pair had no food in the home for a 9-month-old and a 1-year-old.

Ortiz and Rosado face drug and child endangerment charges.


  • john

    Doubtless they are both legal immigrants? Oops, I forgot, there are only 12 million illegal immigrants, plus the 59,000 illegal alien kids who just arrived. No problem.


    So sad, how some kids in the world get born to good people, loving parents – Then others get born to these people !
    Kids are TRULY a victim of Circumstances ! May the kids find a good home and loving parents to nurture and raise them to be productive citizens someday

  • tom

    They shouldn’t be allowed to breed.Hope they never see these poor children again.And-let’s have no comments about “they made bad choices” or “they really aren’t bad people.”They are SCUM.

  • JP

    And they’ll likely get a slap on the wrist and the kids will be back in the same situation to grow up to be just like mom and dad(?). That is if they make it that far. Sad for the kids they were given no choice, and lose either way. The only way they might have a chance if they are allowed to be adopted, which is near impossible in PA if your not adopting your step child. Lock these people up for good, after all they deserve it.

    • Mary Lou Steele

      JP you sound like you “know” the system, you sound just like me because I had no idea how broken this system was until my family started fostering, these poor children don’t have a chance at a good life and I am sick of hearing about how it’s best for them to be back with their families ! And we shouldn’t tie an addicts tubes because she has rights!!! What about the rights of these innocent children being born to a crack mom??? Did they get to “CHOOSE” to be an addict or suffering withdrawal??? and who is supporting them??? I could go on and on! These poor kids will continue to grow up just like their parents until we put an end to this vicious circle and STOP putting them back with the parents that have already hurt them!

      • Rob

        Reality soooo sad, parents will bet a slap in the hand and they will be told dont do it again and the kids will be back to the same crappy life, I was a foster parent for years, had tons of kids within our family, kids that used to run away once workers come here to have them go back with biological parents but still workers say kids will be better with their own families which is nonsense…. Had a case that mom put the 6 kids in adoption and we were in the process to take them all but once again case workers kept pushing and kids got back with her, at the end all kids end up in a different county all separated, the law need to be re-considered and change for the benefit of the kids and not the bad parents.

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