New Owners for PPL Power Plants, What Does it Mean for Customers?

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The largest electric company is our area will no longer be the same kind of company we've known.

PPL plans to get out of the business of making electricity and concentrate on delivering it.

PPL is merging with another energy firm to form a new company: Talen Energy Corporation

PPL thinks that by separating power generation from distribution both companies will be more valuable.

Talen Energy will be the new owners of the nuclear power plant near Berwick, the coal-fired plant near Washingtonville, and Lake Wallenpaupack.

The PPL name has been associated with those facilities for decades but in the next year or so, they and the hundreds of people they employ will not be part of PPL but rather the new company Talen Energy.

PPL Susquehanna, as it's currently known, is one of the largest employers in our area. The nuclear power plant in the Berwick area has 1,100 workers.

Plant officials said today those employees will transition to Talen Energy "seamlessly."

PPL Montour coal plant employs 280 people and again the company says the plan overall is to keep most employees.

Talen Energy is a combination of power plants from PPL and another energy firm, Riverstone Holdings.

The merger needs federal approval.

PPL says the reason for this move is to focus on its more profitable distribution of electricity, not the production.

What that means is that those of you who get your electric bills from PPL will still get those bills and electricity will be brought to your homes through PPL power lines. That's not changing.

But the PPL name will be coming off a lot of signs at the three facilities in our area.



  • Bob

    They are doing this as a offense to the rise of home renewable energy… Producing electricity isnt going to be profitable… owning the lines will be ;)

  • m torch

    Yeah… Energy production is becoming unprofitable because of over regulation of the EPA. PPL makes a smart PR move so that in a year or so, after those EPA regulations go into effect and rates start rising, it will be Talen that everybody is cursing out and not PPL.

    • cast0ff

      ya im sure big business’s care about who hates them.. if that were true comcast would have been gone years ago ;)

  • Jonathan M

    My question is, will the rates Talen Energy is charging still be regulated to prevent massive rate hikes for if this venture turns out to not be profitable for them?

    • ryry

      It should actually go down. Because before PPL was running, and maintaining all the plants, and all the ground crews to repair the lines then trying to update everything at the sometime. So jacking up the rates for getting more cash flow to do much needed repairs. Now one will maintain the lines, the other will run the plants. So it should be more profitable.

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