Portion of Crumbling Bridge Collapses into Creek

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WILKES-BARRE – Luzerne County Road and Bridge Department workers have fenced off the Division Street Bridge, after a portion of the span collapsed and fell into Solomon Creek.

Officials said the bridge, which is located near the border of South Wilkes-Barre and Hanover Township, was closed to cars after flooding damage from Tropical Storm Lee in 2011.

David Kosin told Newswatch 16 that he and other neighbors have continued using the bridge to cross over by foot or on bicycles, until a portion of the span collapsed on Monday.

"I`m surprised it that it hasn`t completely collapsed into the creek already,” said Kosin. “It’s going to be a big inconvenience for all of these people that live in this area here. And nobody seems to be worried about it.”

County officials said they’re looking into dismantling the bridge to prevent people from trying to jump the fence and cross it.

The Luzerne County Road and Bridge Department said it maintains around 350 bridges, and there currently are no plans or funding available to replace the Division Street Bridge.

Pedestrians and bicyclists have been directed to use the Oxford Street Bridge in Hanover Township, a few blocks away.

Luzerne County officials said that bridge was given a “fair” rating after an inspection in 2012, and that the Oxford Street Bridge is scheduled to be inspected sometime this year.


  • patrick

    Idiots that bridge had pot holes in it before so how in gods name it passed an inspection is beyond me. That whole city blames stupidness. The make laws that makes no sense. And all the corruption forget it. I am glad i move to ny. At least they know the fix stuff

  • Me

    Only in luzerne county and the state of Pa !!

    Such corruption. They have no money for this. They have no money for that. They are letting the roads collapse and deteriorate to absolutely nothing. Potholes the size of moon craters 8 inches deep in the ghetto of hazleton.

    Pen dot has to be the most worthless and corrupt state paid road crew in the country. All you jokers should wear ski masks when you cash your checks. Thieves !

  • toddreeder

    This bridge has been closed almost 3 years. Why has it been replaced yet? Do nothing county? Just like Lackawanna county. They have a bridge they been planning for 2 years. Now they are finally doing something about it. But another bridge is being replaced too. So that causes local residents headaches. Two counties that have corrupt officials doing time. And two counties that are real slow at getting things done. If someone would have been hurt or killed there would have been a lawsuit. And the tax payers would pay for not. Not the do nothing county.

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