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Miss USA Contestant Praised for Looking “Normal”

BATON ROUGE, La. – She didn’t win the Miss USA 2014 pageant but she is getting all the attention after the show.

Miss Indiana, Mekayla Diehl, is being praised for her showing off her”normal” body in the pageant Sunday night.

Miss Nevada, Nina Sanchez, was crowned Miss USA.

The 25-year-old Diehl did not make the semifinals but she made a legion of new fans.


  • hulsizer5

    Today in this world, the entertainment business has set before the masses who is attractive, normal or to fat or too skinny. Everyone has there own idea of what is normal as they should. No one else should tell any of us what we think is attractive. That decision is up to us and if we view someone with a little meat on their bones and we like that who is to tell us that they are not attractive.To be called normal to me is a compliment .Let this young lady decide who she wants to present to the world and the judges. Regardless of what anyone says let her be the best she can be and call it a day and let her be happy in who she is .

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