Bridge Closing Postponed

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MOOSIC -- PennDOT was planning to close a bridge in Moosic on Tuesday, leaving some people surrounded by closed bridges and detours. But now, those plans have changed.

A sign for the bridge closure now has the date covered up. Bridge work scheduled to begin on Tuesday has now been postponed for at least two weeks. Some who live nearby say that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Concerns have been raised about emergency vehicles getting through when the bridge on Lonesome Road is closed.

A bridge on Main Street maintained by Lackawanna County is also closed.

PennDOT wants to use the closed Main Street Bridge for emergency vehicles if it becomes necessary.

Officials are concerned that train traffic that crosses the detour route could be a problem for emergency responders.

The $300,000 Lonesome Bridge replacement project should be completed by the end of the year.

The county hopes to have the bridgeon Main Street open by next year.

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  • NEPA Antifa

    Why did you fools vote ‘no’ on the county referendum?

    These commissioners have done nothing about the other bridge on Main.

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