PennDOT Makes Changes to Improve Traffic Flow

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LEHIGHTON -- PennDOT has made some improvements to the traffic flow through a detour around a bridge project in Carbon County.

On Friday, drivers dealt with backups because the southbound lanes of Route 209 on the McCall Memorial Bridge in the Lehighton area were closed.

PennDOT said the traffic signal timing was adjusted.

Crews who were working on the project said traffic was running more smoothly on Monday. PennDOT expects the situation to improve as drivers get used to the detour.


  • FreeWill

    The issue is… the drivers coming onto 443 from 209 have a greater distance from the bridge to the actual stopping point of the red light. SO that allows about 6 cars to be stuck in the intersection when the light changes red. The cars on 443 waiting to cross the bridge at their green light have to wait till all 6 of those cars get out of the intersection. IF they simple MOVE the stopping point for the cars coming off of 209 closer to the intersection.. it wouldn’t allow impatient drivers to crowd the intersection and would allow the drivers on 443 the full allotted green light time.

  • G

    What they need to do to improve traffic flow is ticket the idiots that block the intersection by Dunkin donuts. No one stops behind the line and constantly block the traffic coming off of the weissport!

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