Pal Trial: Text Messages Examined In Court

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SCRANTON -- Text messages were the focus of testimony Monday in the trial of Neil Pal, one of the two men accused in connection with the murder of Frank Bonacci last July in Scranton.

Like many young people, Jason Dominick, Frankie Bonacci, and Neil Pal sent a lot of texts and dozens of those messages were examined in Lackawanna County court at Pal's trial.

Last month, a jury found Dominick guilty of third degree murder.

Prosecutors said Pal was well aware that Dominick was angry and jealous about Bonacci's relationship with Keri Tucker, a woman both men dated.

District attorneys pointed to a text from Dominick to Pal allegedly referring to the victim "if he ever gets cocky around me, I will snuff him."

Police said both men were there where Bonacci was shot and killed before his car was sent into a ravine near Step Falls in Scranton.

Defense attorneys contend that when the three men left a beer party, Pal did not understand that Dominick intended to kill Bonacci, pointing to the message from Pal to the victim saying, "he is cool with you, he just wants to shake hands, let it go."

Prosecutors also used texts and Facebook posts to back up their claim that Pal went to extraordinary lengths to cover up the killing, even taking part in the search for Bonacci.

After Bonacci went missing last July, family and friends fanned out across parts of Dunmore and Scranton.

One of the people taking part in the search was Neil Pal.

Prosecutors said Pal showed no remorse, pointing to a series of posts by Pal on Facebook they said were intended to cover up the crime.

One example displayed in court was a link on Pal's Facebook page to a story from Newswatch 16 about the search for Bonacci.

They also showed a post by Pal saying to the victim "Call me bruddah, looking for you."

Prosecutors say Pal was lying when he wrote that message, because he already knew Bonacci was dead.

Prosecutors say after the body of the victim was found Pal continued the ruse saying, "Sick to my stomach about Franky."

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    Neil and Jason should be equal. It was a planned murder. Let them both rot in a super max prison that has a lot of rape issues in there.

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