UPDATE: Closed Courthouse To Reopen Tuesday

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SUNBURY-- Building inspectors showed up late Monday afternoon at the Northumberland County Courthouse in Sunbury, and  Newswatch 16 has learned the building can reopen Tuesday.

Monday morning, a commissioner ordered an evacuation after noticing some concerning cracks.

An engineer from Larsons Design in Williamsport examined cracks to the brick siding on the outside of the Northumberland County Courthouse. The building was closed around 11 o'clock Monday morning and signs were put up letting people know.

"A crack, you know. Material is falling down. We're just trying to keep everyone safe." said Northumberland County Commissioner Vinny Clausi.

Clausi had the courthouse closed and sent about 45 county employees home for safety reasons. He said a deputy in the sheriff's office noticed cracks in marble floor tiles on the second floor. The commissioner said the floor is sloped more than usual and was worried it could be dangerous.

“The center is where the crack is, and I'm afraid it could go like that," said Clausi.

Several people who tried to open the front doors to the courthouse were surprised to find the doors were locked.

"It's a little inconvenience but if people are going to be safer. It's not a big deal," said Nicole Ressler of Northumberland.

"I can't get in today and I have to work the rest of the week, so I don't know when I'm going to get in," said Jylou Bingaman of Sunbury.

Clausi said Monday's inspection by the engineer will cost the county about $4,000.

“They had to have known, that they are problems before, because you can look at the place and see that it's about to fall down," said Bingaman.

The commissioner said the cracks are only cosmetic damages and can be fixed.  The Northumberland County Courthouse will reopen on Tuesday.  No word on when repairs to the cracks will begin. The commissioner said repairs could cost more than $50,000.


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