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VA Near Wilkes-Barre Not In Need Of Review

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- More than 63,000 veterans across the country are still waiting to see a doctor, according to a report from an internal audit released by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The VA said that six Veterans Affairs facilities across the commonwealth have been flagged for problems and further review but the VA near Wilkes-Barre is not one of them.

The internal audit shows that workers at the VA near Wilkes-Barre were able to get 99 percent of the 27,000 veterans waiting for an appointment into a doctor's office within 30 days.

Last month,  Newswatch 16 told you about complaints from one veteran who said he got an appointment promptly but his surgery was delayed several times and his cancer spread.

Veterans Affairs officials announced that it has suspended bonuses for senior managers this year nationwide and that it's scrapping a 14-day appointment goal because it is no longer attainable due to the growing demand of health care for servicemen and women.

A spokesman at the VA Medical Center near Wilkes-Barre told Newswatch 16 that no major issues were discovered during the audit, and that workers will follow system wide changes and recommendations.

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