Walking to Help Those in Pain

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SCRANTON -- The RSD Walk was held at McDade Park on Sunday afternoon.

RSD stands for Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy which is a neurological inflammatory pain disorder that affects many people.

The event included a car show, raffles, and music, and was held in order to get the word out about the disease and to raise money for research.

Organizers said this is the 11th year for the RSD walk and more than $75,000 has been raised since it started.

"Nobody knew about RSD. Doctors, nurses, nobody, and I says I have to do something because I'm in that latter stage," said Joann Spalnick of Jermyn.

Newswatch 16's Julie Sidoni took part in Sunday's RSD walk, as well.


  • Snshn

    I am so glad for this as I myself am afflicted with RSD. It was a long, hard, & painful struggle that had spanned approximately seven years until I’d finally gotten a correct diagnosis in 2002, I believe it was. Unfortunately, I was also diagnosed with what is now termed as fibromyalgia. Between the two, I’d literally thought I was just crazy or perhaps a hypochondriac . It’s so good to know that the word is out there to help people understand this disease. Thank you to All whom have participated. Sincerely.

    • Rhonda Fran

      I feel for you! My sister has had this for nearly 7 yrs now. She too was misdiagnosed. It is so painful, and for many years, doctors could not figure it out. She dropped a box on her big toe. That is all it took to start all this. She had to fight for work comp because they thought it was a sprain, and she was faking. I am glad you have received the correct diagnosis. I also hope they can control your pain. Sis got off most of the original meds, and now takes only a couple. She still has pain, but can function better from day to day. May God bless you.

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