Child Injured by Mother’s Boyfriend

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LENOX TOWNSHIP -- A one-and-a-half year old boy is in the hospital with head injuries and his mom's boyfriend is facing charges in Susquehanna County.

State police said the child's mother ran to a neighbor's house and said Jeffrey Warner assaulted the boy and ran off.

Warner was arrested and is locked up on $200,000 bail.


  • Shocked

    can the girlfriend please explain why he lashed out? I’ve known Jeff since I was 14, im now gonna be 27. we were always pretty good friends and I never ever seen a mean bone in his body. was he on drugs?

  • mygirl85

    wow some peope are just so ignorant and rude! This poor little guy was just abused and you just wanna go running the mother down like she knew this was gonna happen smdh

    • Warlock

      Maybe folks are just tired of hearing the same old story about a kid being abused by a guy who isn’t the father because couples can’t seem to commit to each other longer than 18 months. The news is loaded with stories like this. We need to get back to the Nuclear Family; two parents, living together under the same roof.

  • pissed off

    If people don’t have anything nice to say about me then they shouldn’t be saying anything. I never saw anything like this coming and people don’t know the whole story… and no tom I will not be taking him back. everyone makes mistakes and this is one that I will not be making again. the baby is home and doing fine. he only has bruising but could have been a lot worse. and the EX- boyfriend that was arrested is not the babies father

    • Warlock

      Of course “the EX- boyfriend that was arrested is not the babies [sic] father.” Why would he be? Just move on from one baby-daddy to the next, right? Is that how this generation rolls? How many babies from how many men are we up to at the moment? I’m just curious.

    • D

      Give the little guy a hug for me. I’m sorry this happened, and I’m glad you won’t take the guy back. Best wishes to both of you.

    • Get a clue!

      Really you didn’t see this happening?!? Jeff Warner has a history of abusing people! He’s had PFAs put on him and the cops called on him on several occasions with several different girls,so your are straight up dumb for allowing a person like him around your child. You are as bad as him.

  • tom

    Another dumb broad-she never saw anything wrong with this scumbag-she “loves” him and will take him back in a heartbeat.unfortunately,she’ll probably have his baby too.people like this should not be allowed to breed.Punishment for him should be someone beating him senseless.

    • BQBM

      I do understand your point, however, how many children thru the course of history were abused at the hands of “loving” parents who were married in “loving” relationships? Years ago people got away with it is all. evil is as evil does. This guy should never get out, but he will. Some dirt-bag recently sashayed out of prison after less than 2 years after shaking his OWN daughter and she died.
      These losers NEVER do enough time which in my opinion should be life..

      • Warlock

        There’s a difference between a loving relationship and a “loving” relationship. If you can’t tell the difference, don’t have kids.

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