Fans Get Ready For Race Weekend

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POCONO RACEWAY -- Hundreds of NASCAR fans are setting up their campers, coolers, and chairs in Monroe County for Sunday's Pocono 400 and some super tailgaters already have their spots.

Some NASCAR enthusiasts will spend the weekend living it up in the infield. While people have all sorts of ways to camp out this weekend at Pocono Raceway, some fans go big really big. Consider them super tailgaters.

Richard Keller from York gave a tour of his set up he calls 'the transformer.' It's like a sports bar on wheels, complete with a rooftop deck. He's been coming to Pocono in style since 1994.

"We did it this way to bring a lot of friends, family, meet a lot of friends. We have a full commercial kitchen so we do a lot of cooking, too, and entertaining people," Keller said.

Race weekend is also like a mini family reunion. Rick's cousin Bob Miller is from Pine Grove.

"We enjoy coming here. It's like the comforts of home but you're away from home. You get to enjoy the race like you're sitting in front of the TV," Miller said.

Keller isn't the only super tailgater setting up shop. Check out some tricked out million dollar tour buses.   Some NASCAR fans pay about $800 a person for star coach race tours to help them live like a rock star on race weekend.

"It could be bachelor parties, folks who saved up a year, people who came to hang out for a race for a weekend," explained Justin Cook with Star Coach Race Tours. "They don't just get hot dogs and hamburgers, they get steak dinners."

Even if you're not lounging on the lawns all weekend. Officials say there are still plenty of free activities in and around the track surrounding everything NASCAR. That includes the Pocono Raceway Festival Saturday in downtown Stroudsburg.

One of the big highlights besides the big race is the grand marshals. This year the two creating a lot of buzz are actors Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill who will be at Pocono promoting their upcoming movie "22 Jump Street." They'll do some Q&A with fans at the Tricky Triangle Club for those folks who purchased an extra ticket.

"It's great because we're finding friends who are like 'I've been trying to get wife to the race for years and now they're coming," said raceway head Brandon Igdalsky.

Click here for more information on the Pocono 400.


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    My favorite is that WNEP goes and sucks up to the NASCAR drivers twice a year when they come to race at Pocono. From all the races leading up to them, all the races in between them, or all the races after them it’s like NASCAR is non-existent in their eyes. Stop feigning interest in the motorsport we know you could care less about.

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      Drunks, Lewdness, hmmm, now sounds like baseball, football and basketball. Only thing is all of those sports are full of overpaid cry babies.

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