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Two Charged With Theft In Schuylkill County

EAST NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP — Two people were charged in Schuylkill County Thursday with stealing thousands from their former employer.

Larry Sweigert and Sandra Eggers, both of Enola, have been charged with theft, accused of taking thousands from Boardman Brothers Motor Car Company near Pottsville.

“I’m not surprised at all, always suspected something was going on because nothing was ever right. He kept everything so secret. All the paperwork in his office, checkbook, everything, and basically the guy was cooking the books,” said Harry Winter, manager at the company.

Records show Larry Sweigert was hired in 2004 as a general manager of the car company. For years, workers said he handled everything.

He has been charged with stealing more than $120,000.

State police investigators said Sweigert stole cash people paid for vehicles and made checks out to himself.

“In 2010 is when we started investigating everything because the company was over $200,000 in the hole,” said Winter.

In 2008, Sweigert hired Eggers as a secretary at Boardman Brothers.

Former coworkers said the two were dating and living together.

Eggers has been charged with conspiring with Sweigert to steal about $5,000.

“I think he kind of drug her into it later on,” said Winter.

Company owner Bob Boardman is away on business this week.

He told Newswatch 16 on the phone that he and Larry Sweigert have been friends for decades.

“I trusted this guy as a brother to run this place, and he looted it,” said Boardman.

“I hope justice is going to get served and he gets what he deserves,” said Winter.

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  • Rebecca

    Once again, where are the yearly audits? The owner is in charge, not the general manager. So many of these issues could be prevented if people would just use good financial sense. Yearly audits are a must.

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