Preserving the Past at the 109th Armory

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LUZERNE COUNTY – Inside dusty boxes and cluttered corners, Ssg. Christopher Keen said he found photographs, band drums and even a war-time saddle packed inside the 109th Armory in Luzerne County.

Keen said he’s working with the 109th Field Artillery Heritage Association to relocate the relics to a museum room, which used to be a horse stable in the 1930’s.

"We have a little bit of everything in here. Every decade, every major operation in our history, you`ll find something in here. Our project right now is to move this room to a better facility we have downstairs. Get it cleaned and sorted and cataloged so we know exactly what we have,” said Keen. “To stop the deterioration and to start the restoration process is going to be crucial, because a couple more years, and they`ll be gone, they`ll be dust.”

The project is in the early stages, but Keen said he’ll keep history buffs posted on what he finds on Facebook and he hopes to utilize volunteers and interns in the future.

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