No Swimming At Beltzville State Park

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BELTZVILLE STATE PARK -- A state park beach in Carbon County is closed to swimmers because of bacteria in the water.

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources officials closed the beach at Beltzville State Park to swimming on Thursday because of high bacterial counts in water samples.

The beach will remain closed as a precaution until acceptable water sample results are received.

DCNR has posted signs at the beach.

Other activities at the state park are unaffected.


  • J

    This has been going on since at least the 90’s. No geese problems then. Having worked there, it was easy to see Beltzville was mainly populated by people from the city. Seen them bury diapers in the sand I don’t care where they are from that’s just disgusting. So I’m sure they didn’t care about going in the water

  • Lex

    That’s why I left PA, too many racist (white) people acting like they’re entitled to land that isn’t theirs, news flash…unless you’re Native American, we’re all immigrants…

  • J

    This has been going on at Beltzville since at least the 90’s. There was no geese problems then to blame it on. Having worked there, easy to notice it was mainly populated by city people. Would always hear workers talk about diapers buried in the sand.

  • Kim

    Let’s try this! Why does the state even waste money to test the water when there are other lakes that aren’t tested….it’s not like there is a lifeguard on duty anyways it’s swim at your own risk. Second I was at LBI this summer and yes even the ocean tested positive you where advised of it and got to choose if you still wanted to swim. Third grow up and stop pointing fingers you all know you pee in the pool too!

  • Me

    Don’t matter where they come from. These people are absolute pigs !! My guess is hazleton.
    Hazleton is filled with illegal “refugees” that would crap on a sidewalk before they would use a toilet. If u don’t believe me drive through the ghetto of hazleton. It’s an absolute pig sty !!!!!!!!!!!
    They already have closed businesses because they would rather sell heroin out of a sandwich shop than the actual food they should be serving. (Quiznos). Opened and closed within 8 months.

  • T

    How do you know they are from Allentown? Lots of obvious characteristics and oh they all talk Spanish and drive some sort of Honda. Guess they could be from Hazelton. Pretty sure they arent from Bowmanstow. Go there on the weekends its a circus. Charging a few would solve a majority of the problem.

  • Me

    what does people being from the city have to do with the amount of pollution in the water is my question? What an inconsiderate and false statement

  • Dan

    It’s not from human waste . This from geese. Well I guess it’s the humans waste to because they continue to feed them. Who locally swims at that beach anyways? There’s plenty of hidden spots at that lake to go.

  • Icon

    I couldn’t agree more. I remember when I was a kid going there all the time. There was never a problem. It was quiet and clean. But now it’s disgusting, crowded, and dirty. Seems like city people love to come up here and crap up the area. I mean just look where they live.

  • Debra Rockabellazombyluv Peryea

    No. Its the disgusting people that come from allentown and leave their baby’s diapers on the beach, and let their kids swim with dumps in their pants. Scum. I live less than a mile from the lake and I REFUSE to swim in it. It sucks. They leave garbage all ove the roads and everything… I wish the lake would charge admission. Half those scumbags wouldn’t come up here.

    • miranda

      How do you know it’s people from allentown? Do the diapers say “hey I’m from allentown”? Don’t assume. Trust me I’ve been there plenty of times and I’ve some white trash folks, leaving there crap behind. Please don’t assume, because you sound very ignorant!

  • ME

    What is the bacteria and where did it come from? This happens every year, and it is disgusting. Probably pigs peeing and pooping in the water. Stay home pigs so clean people can enjoy the water.

    • Angel

      I agree completely, a fee should be charged. My own people (Latinos) have made a mess of this park. I’ve seen it first hand. I’ve been picnicking here for the last five years and I feel very embarrassed by what goes on here. Not all of us are like those low life’s that destroy such a beautiful park. Truth be told tho the majority of the trash and waste IS a result of my fellow people. If you disagree just see for yourself then let me know if I’m wrong.

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