Man Admits Taking $300,000 from Non-Profit Club


WILLIAMSPORT — The former treasurer of a singing society in Williamsport is accused of stealing nearly $300,000 from the organization.

According to court documents, Ross Whitesell, 56, of Williamsport admitted taking the money from the non-profit club, Gesang Verein Harmonia, because he said he got behind on his bills.

Authorities said the thefts happened over an eight year period in Williamsport.


  • Rebecca

    He stole $300,000 over 8 years? Again, where are the yearly audits? We read about this all the time! And that averages out to $37,500 per year or $721/week. Someone wasn’t paying attention, again. I’d love to know what bills he was behind on. Didn’t he work at all?

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