Talkback 16: Same Sex Marriage, Guests in the Backyard

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In Tonight's Talkback 16, the man wanted for exposing himself, same sex marriage and guests in the backyard.


  • Cricket queen

    I loved hearing that man that said a priest raping a fifteen year old boy and a father who almost murdered his own three month old premature child are the same thing.. And they call a local news station and complain about the justice system! Haha I guess Joe Snedegar sits in the back of the news station sipping on his coffee and rewriting the laws of our judicial system, so why not just whine about the news stories to their station.. PS: I heard that Tom Clark legalized gay marriage in PA.. EVERYONE, QUICK! Call talkback, and complain about it! Because that will surely change the minds of the many homosexual individuals that “chose that lifestyle”.

  • Zack

    I am disgusted with those individuals who disapprove of marriage equality. It is in our constitution that we have the right to the pursuit of happiness. How dare you condemn these people for being different than you.

  • Me

    God created Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. This is against the way of The Lord.
    If you want to be gay then so be it. No need to advertise it and push it in the faces of people on a daily basis. The Lord is the last man they have to convince. And as it’s written, it’s man and woman and NOTHING ELSE !!!!

  • chris

    I support the the right for 2 individuals regardless of gender to be married and i could careless what you do in the privacy of your home. but for the love of god, stop sticking your alternative lifestyle in my face.

  • Chris V

    To the people who are getting all upset over same sex marriage need to get over it already. It is here in Pennsylvania and it is here to stay. Soon it will be throughout the US. You shouldn’t be watching TV while you are having dinner anyway. Get a grip already.

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