Swimming Season Starts Late in Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG -- The fresh paint has dried and the pool just finished filling up. Workers are busy getting last-minute projects wrapped up at the Stroudsburg borough pool. But all of this work was put two weeks behind schedule because Mother Nature wouldn’t string together enough days of sunshine needed to do all this.

"So all in all you're looking at 10 consecutive really good weather days. Which we just didn't have until just recently,” said Stroudsburg borough pool manager Stephen Wootton.

Lots of rain in the Poconos combined with the long winter put painting on hold. It’s something the pool manager says wasn’t ideal.

"Frustrated but there's no point in opening up and having to close down and have to repeat everything you've just done. I'd rather get everything ready, get open and stay open,” said Wootton.

Now the plan is to open officially for the season Saturday and guests will walk into see new picnic benches and upgrades in the locker rooms.

Although the pool may be filled, it's definitely not ready. This water is a chilly 50 some degrees, but still there's plenty of people wishing they could be making a splash right about now.

"Obviously it's hot now so it would be nice to go over there and jump in the pool and maybe come back and skate, but they don't have the pool open,” said Daveon York of East Stroudsburg.

York and his friends skateboard just a stone's throw away from the Stroudsburg pool and say on this 80 degree day, it just doesn’t make sense to them to see the pool still locked.

"Actually I am, I'm very surprised, because all the other pools around here are pretty much open,” said Kenneth Price of East Stroudsburg.

The pool’s manager admits they missed some great days for swimming and the Memorial Day Holiday.

"Let's not worry about that. Let's move on from that and actually get this thing opened and get it working properly,” said Wootton.

They’re keeping their sights set on the long and hopefully sunny summer ahead.

The Stroudsburg pool opens officially at noon Saturday.