Seniors Get Vouchers For Farm Market Food

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BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- Senior citizens in Union and Snyder Counties received vouchers on Wednesday to help them buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

The $20 vouchers go a long way to help seniors and local farmers.

Seniors lined up inside Ard's Farm Market near Lewisburg. They waited in line for $20 in vouchers they can use to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

"At the end of the month, when your Social Security check is getting a little skimpy, you can take this to the farmers market and use it," said Connie Wilson of Lewisburg.

The Senior Farm Market Nutrition Program is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Each county makes the vouchers available to people who are 60 years and older and who meet certain income guidelines.

Each senior gets $20 worth of vouchers they can take to certain farm markets in the state.

Ginger Trench of Mifflinburg feels the government should give more.

"They could spring for $25 or $30. I'd even take $25. I'm not going to be picky about it."

The vouchers don't just benefit the seniors. The employees at Ard's Farm Market say every time the vouchers are given out, their sales seem to go up.

"It definitely does get people in the door and it's a good thing, so I'm glad it's around and I'm glad the seniors have it," said Shelby Hackenberg.

"This is something that I'm sure the farmers greatly appreciate. Their produce is brought in here and it's sold and it's local. Not only that, we're supporting the local economy," Trench added.

Officials with the Union Snyder Area Agency on Aging say around 250 people picked up vouchers at Ard's Farm Market.

There are many more dates scheduled to get the vouchers and they can be used until the end of November.

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