Road Reopened After Crash in Luzerne County

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP— Traffic is back to normal after a crash in Luzerne County.

Route 315 in Plains Township was closed in both directions after an accident just after 7 a.m. Wednesday.

According to witnesses, three vehicles were involved in the crash.

Authorities said a man was driving his car at a high rate of speed on northbound 315 and attempted to pass in a no passing zone. He lost control and collided with another car and a box truck. The driver said he was running late for work.

The driver will face traffic citations. He was taken to the hospital for injuries.

Route 315 has since been reopened.


  • brittany

    If you learn how to read, there were no other injuries except for himself. He’s young for christ’s sake.

  • DuEast

    Maybe taking his license away for awhile would be a good idea? Oh, he was running late for work, so because he was irresponsible for running late, that carried into speeding and changing lanes when he shouldn’t have and causing an accident that hurt other people that had nothing to do with his immature sorry-a-double..

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