Parents, Kids Thrilled As South Abington Park Reopens

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- After more than a year of being closed, the playground at a popular park in Lackawanna County has reopened.

All of South Abington Park was closed all of last summer for a sewer line project. The playground is the last big piece of the park to reopen and we found parents and kids loving it.

Only minutes after the new and improved playground reopened at South Abington Park near Clarks Summit, kids were back having fun and parents were back enjoying seeing their kids get out some energy.

"Actually, I wasn't sure if it was open yet or not, so I was hoping it was when we got here. It's such a beautiful day," said Susan Stopper of Clarks Summit.

All of South Abington Park was closed last summer into the fall for a sewer line replacement project. Only a couple walking trails were open.

"We used to walk the park all last summer so we missed it. So it's good to have it open," said Paula Banko of Dickson City.

South Abington Township got a grant and used township funds to redo the playground and do other improvements. Now that new equipment is open and ready for fun.

"I love it. I love the new playground equipment. It's safer than the old stuff. I don't have to worry about my little one falling or anything I like it a lot," Stopper added.

"I love the slides but they're too high up," added her son.

The kids were exploring all the nooks and crannies of the playground, and splashing around in the splash park. It's open again, too, after a dry summer last year.

"There's nothing that replicates the splash park for the little kids. There's nothing in the area that has this so this has been outstanding to have it back," said Nicole Wentz of Clarks Summit.

There are still some more projects to be done to complete the park repairs, but now all the attractions for the kids are done just in time for the nice weather.

"We're beyond thrilled. We live five minutes up the road. This is a great trip in the morning to be able to get them outside and playing," Wentz added.

"It's really nice to have some place where they can get out energy. We don't really have a big backyard so it's nice they have slides, the playground, a little waterpark and everything," said Rachel Baldini of Clarks Summit.

There are still plans to repave the basketball courts and put in an ADA-accessible walking trail to finish up the South Abington Park renovations.