Outsiders’ Impression of Luzerne County Corruption

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TUNKHANNOCK — Some people who work and live in Luzerne County say crime and corruption has become the norm.

About 30 miles north, residents of Tunkhannock, Wyoming County, say the negative news about Luzerne County hurts the image of the entire area.

People who call Wyoming County home say they have their own crime and problems, but they pale in comparison to that of their neighbor to the south.

“I have friends from out of state that hear about it. If you want to go back to kids for cash or LCTA or whatever, there’s always something in the news about northeastern Pennsylvania,” said Jim Cook of Tunkhannock.

Cook is not the only person in Tunkhannock who feels that way about Luzerne County.

Marie Tracy says the recent scandals in Luzerne County, including the one involving the county’s transportation authority, give some people a bad impression about the whole region.

“It’s not good for the area, for people who are wanting to move into the area, too,” Tracy said.

Other residents in Tunkhannock tell us they don’t mind hearing about the reports of crime in Luzerne County, when people in power who are accused of corruption are being held accountable.

“I’m glad every time they get caught. That’s what needs to happen.”

Ann Weeks was not surprised when we told her that the latest scandal in northeastern and central Pennsylvania involved a pair of officials in Luzerne County.

“It’s just wicked. People are so selfish and they think more of themselves then the people they are supposed to serve,” Weeks said.

In Luzerne County, some of the people who ride LCTA buses blasted officials. Other riders defended the drivers.


  • Keith Hinkel

    I really hate to say this BUT we the voters did this. None of us pay attention nor read nor research the candidates. we just vote cause” oh hes a good guy”! Well see what the “good Guys” caused. Now begin doing the job we all must to get rid of the crooks! Research.

  • P.Kersey

    Sad part is not enough has been done yet. THE CROOKS are still running wild. LETS DO MORE HERE and get rid of the good ol boy system here! Lets just keep investigating the politicians , hmm lets start with the MAYOR and go from there in WILKES BARRE!!!!

  • Mike O'Hara

    This outrageous level of corruption is nothing new. Two generations ago it saddled our region with the only airport in the world named backwards, an embarrassment to us all

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